Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

or labor day we went to St. George and also went camping. We had so much fun.
St. George was so much fun for the fact we got to see Bri and Andy. We drove down on thursday after Jeff got off work so we got there about 12:30 in the morning. I wish we could have slept in but Sophie didn't really feel like it even though she didn't really fall asleep on the drive down so we got up and had breakfast and then we went out side and me and Soph painted our toes while Jeff showed Dane how to golf on the little putting green. Then Soph decided that she was ready for a nap, so we decided that we all needed a nap. After a good LONG nap she woke up and everyone else was a sleep so Jeff and I decided to take Sophie to the animal museum She loved it. She was our little explorer, and she was so good the whole time we where there.

she loves bears
crazy bugs

After we got done with that and came home Dane was awake so we went swimming. the rest of the time we where we got to just hang out, sleep, play games and swam. I was lame and didn't take any other pictures. but i know brooke took some of us swimming that i will have to get from her.

On Sunday afternoon we went and met my family for some camping. My dad bought Soph a helmet so she could ride the four wheelers and she loved it. We all took turns taking her on a little ride before dinner. She was so funny how she would hold on to it the whole time.

my parents bought her a cute little BYU sweat suit to keep her warm. After a long sleepless night we got up and grandpa took her for her first time fishing. she liked just sitting there by him
we brought her back to camp where she finally fell asleep for a little while.
After she woke up we all went for a ride we saw lots of cows that we would have to stop and look at, and she would mooooo at then, it was so funny. When we got back we loaded everything up and headed home. It was such a great weekend. Thanks every one

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



I am conducting a poll of the masses... I realize that the masses have no reason to frequent our little blog so spread the word. Along with working, at work my co-workers and I have semi-heated discussions about various topics. I am not a very excitable person by nature, I am however, more passionate than most about good music. I love music! And it turns out I am relatively opinionated about the greatness of bands. My duty here is to not sway the pollee but to present the argument and let you, the reader, decide. I am aware that what I am about to present to you may seem like a no brainer - I feel the exact same way - just let reason guide your responses so that the truth will prevail.

Yesterday Curtis called me on the way home and our discussions turned to music. If you know Curtis, you know he is no stranger to crazy ideas but he made the most outrageous statement that I can remember hearing. Today as the debate continued I was dumbfounded by his commitment to the aforementioned statement. I proposed that we put it to a poll and let that decide our arguments. The topic was regarding "Greatest bands of all time". One of us is feels Pearl Jam is a greater band than Led Zeppelin - one of us does not. So here we go. I am going to outline a set list of 10 songs chosen by each of us for our respective bands. The challenge we levy to you is to choose which band you would like to see - in their prime - playing the given set list. The band with the most votes wins. Pretty simple. Here you go:

Pearl Jam

- Crazy Mary (cover)
- Just Breathe
- Yellow Ledbetter
- Black
- Sonic Reducer (cover)
- Porch
- Better Man
- Nothing Man
- Dock By the Bay (cover)
- Footsteps

Led Zeppelin

- Whole Lotta Love
- Achilles Last Stand
- Kashmir
-Since I Been Lovin You
- Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
- Over the Hills and Far Away
- Traveling River Side Blues
- D'Yer Mak'r
- Ram ble On
- When The Levee Breaks

You can also choose to go to one of the concerts but feel like the other is still the better band - that is allowable, just state as such.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter

Jeff & Curtis
I know that the World Cup has come and gone, but for those of you who did not get a chance to read this - it is quite entertaining. As a background at my place of work we occasionally have small wagers - March Madness, who will win the Super Bowl, NBA Championships, etc... The World Cup presented another wonderful opportunity to have some banter in the work place. I work with a guy named Curtis Newton who I think should have his own sports blog... I present a taste of his interesting thought process of picking teams in a sport that he has no knowledge of. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the following do not necessarily reflect my personal opinions or those of anyone else in my family. All off color or racially oriented jokes were made in good fun by Curtis Newton, I cannot be held responsible for his views... I think that should cover it.

So I just filled a World Cup bracket out and never have I felt less informed in my life....I based it entirely on economics, historical fact, wars, pop culture, and all the African nations for home court advantage...if you notice there is no mention of soccer.

Couple of highlight picks for my 2 coming out of pool play:

Ivory Coast: Anyone who looks like the Predator and has a name very similar to Ivan Drago from Rocky 4? Winner in my book...broken arm and all. Have you seen this dude? Pretty sure he would eat my face and think nothing of it...Built like Karl Malone with Ricky Green speed. Whoa...

Argentina: Kobe thinks Lionel Messi is the best and I never argue with the Black Mamba. Ever. Even with rumors he may be hurt...Messi, not Kobe. Plus Maradona (a junkie superstar coach) has implemented a "have as much crazy monkey sex as possible, it made me play better, it will make my team better" I never had coaches like that...but that's my new policy also.

England and USA: Not even sure England is still officially a country (pretty sure France took over about 6 years ago) but the dude with the man beard for the UK is a stud. Plus he kind of looks like my brother Josh. Win/win in my book...but his name is Wayne Rooney? Pretty sure he's American and doesn't know it...He may have to switch teams at halftime.

All African nations: Are you kidding me? These guys riot, smash, and run folks over for an exhibition...Home field will be in full effect. They may burn the stadium down, but it won't be dull. Pretty sure like little league All-Star teams when you show up and Vegas has 6 teams but they stacked one of the teams with all the best players one of these teams is loaded. Not sure which one, but once again go with the Predator...He almost killed Arnold, wiped out Apollo Creed, put a hole the size of Texas in Jesse “The Body” Ventura...I mean come on!!! Aliens are good at soccer apparently!!!

Mancrush: My man crush Cristiano Ronaldo is in the "death pool" whatever that means...It was him against the Predator and I went with the Predator but man have you seen the chicks Ronaldo gets. Ridiculous. (Disregard the fact he may or may not had Tranny's).Highest paid, arguably the best, looks like an Abercrombie model...WTF. God plays favorites. I will be super PISSED (or pretending to) if Brasil gets knocked out and the Predator and my mancrush move out of pool play. I will have no idea who to cheer for...Yes I will. The Predator.

Group H: Pretty sure Chile and and Honduras are the same country and have you seen Gladiator? When they cheer "Spaniard, Spaniard" even though he's not Spanish. Spain you're in!!! Which leaves Switzerland? Can I really pick a country that likes to base itself on "neutrality"? I mean is their team going to stand there and do nothing? I picked them none the less...Why you may ask? Have you seen a Swiss Army knife? Sold!!!

I've never been so excited for something I know ZERO about in my whole life...I'm trying to think of something even comparable on this grand of scale? Nothing even close. I wish I would have went (S. Africa is the "white" part of Africa right?)...Can Asians play soccer? No idea, but I know there is a lot of jokes there that aren't PC. Do I really know my geography and know where the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Algeria really are located? Not sure. If Mexico doesn't come out of pool play, will the country (and California) be depressed and Corona/Tecate sales go through the roof and all Subways will be closed for a few days for lack of employees? I say yes. At what point does Mexico ever shake the US players hands after the inevitable loss? Never....Why? Because they'll never beat us at their own sport! Awesome.

So tomorrow at 11:30 I will drape myself in an American flag and for 2 hrs pretend to have some idea of what's going on and what's the significance...U-S-A!!! There's a pretty good chance by Saturday afternoon I will have forgotten the World Cup is even on (like the rest of the US) but for one brief second...I get it. Ole...Ole...Ole...GGGGOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!

Curtis Newton

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 year pictures

So I had Sophie's one year old pictures, and she was being a little stinker the entire time. but the amazing Suzy got some really cute ones so i thought i would share them. Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Sweet ONE year old

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl

One year ago today our loving heavenly father in trusted us with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. This has been the greatest year ever, watching her grow and learn. seeing her little personality come out. I always tell Jeff, I knew I always wanted to be a mother but I never realized how much I would love it. It amazes me how much love I have for her. Some times I just look at her and I just can't hold my love in, tears of joy just start flowing out. I know that those who know me, me crying isn't too unusual. but when I look into her big brown eyes and she gives me one of her big cheesy grins my heart just swells and so do the tears. I have learned a lot from her this past year, how to get through a day with no sleep, patience, and a deep gratitude for all other mothers out there. I have loved the fact that I have been able to be a stay at home mother this past year so that I could watch each little thing she does, rolling over, crawling, and first words. Jeff and I have felt so blessed having her in our home. She has such a sweet spirit, she is always so happy. She Loves her books, playing with mom, and the kids upstairs.

(just a few pictures for the past year, there were so many it was hard not to just keep putting them together.)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Two Greatest Gifts

So we just celebrated Easter and it was a great time to reflect on the first greatest gift given to us, Our savior gave his life for us, and took our sins upon him so that we could live with him again. I am so grateful for my savior and for all that he did for me so that I may live with my wonderful family. I am so grateful for my amazing husband and all he does for me and am so grateful to have a beautiful healthy little girl.

We had such a fun Easter. Sophie loved all the candy that the Easter bunny brought and the cute dresses that her grandmas gave her. Here are a few picutres.

And now for the second greatest gift in my opinion The gift of life. I remember when I had Sophie what a miracle it was that I was able to give some one so tiny and wonderful life. She has been such a blessing in our life. As many of you know my little sister was pregnant and made the greatest decision to place him for adoption and give him a life that she would not be able to give him. It has been really hard on the whole family especially my parents. This last Monday she finally had him, her Dr. decided to induce her and we are so grateful that he did. When little baby Porter came into this world the cord was wrapped around his neck three times and tightly. He had a hard time breathing for a little while, he was just too tired to breath. They took him to the nursery and after a while he started doing ok and breathing by himself. Megan also let Brooke and Cody come in for the delivery (the adoptive couple) which was very special for them. They just had the biggest smile on their faces the entire time. Though we were all a little scared for a minute. We went and stood by the window to the nursery trying to get a look through the slats in the blinds. Our fears soon gave way to joy when he started to cry, and they brought him back into the room.
He is such a beautiful little boy. He weighed 6 lbs and was 18 inches long. So he was just tiny tiny. especially compared to Sophie. We all got to hold and adore him. And then it was time for Brooke and Cody to hold their little boy for the first time.

Brooke and Cody stayed the next few day in the hospital. Brooke stayed the first night with Megan and my Mom. Tuesday they had quite a few visitors. We took Sophie up there to see him and she totally loved him she wanted to hold him and just wanted him to get down and play with her. She was so cute.

Tuesday night Mckenzie and I stayed the night at the hospital so that Megan and my Mom could get some sleep, the next day was going to be tough enough. I got to hold him most of the night. Me and Kenz got to watch him have a bath and pee all over everything, and just really enjoy some time with him. I did end up going home at like 4 in the morning cause i knew that i would have to be there so Jeff could go to work. Me and Sophie ended up going back up to the hospital at 10 and from there I spent the rest of the day though I did send Sophie with Jeff's mom after a few hours. It was so sweet, she gave him a big kiss before I took her up. The next few hours where filled with tears, pain, love, hugs and pictures. When Brooke and Cody came back up we sat and talked, laughed and cried. and then came time for the hardest part: Handing him over. We all gave him one more kiss good bye and then Megan placed him with Brooke - which was so hard to watch. We all fell in love with this little boy so quickly and we know it's not a good bye - because they will send picture and let us see him - but that does not make it much easier. We love Brooke and Cody and they will forever be part of us as will Little Porter James. Our family has grown so much through this difficult time. I am so Grateful for each and every one of them. I love you all.

All of us after alot crying.

Beautiful baby Port James McGarry. We Love You.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The BIG 28!

So I am doing this post a day early, but I don't think I will have time tomorrow. SO Jeff is turning 28 tomorrow. And I would like to dedicate this post to him. Jeff is amazing husband and father. Sophie just loves him, when he walks in the door at night she get so excited and jumps up and down on her knees it so funny. She just loves the play time she gets with him. He has been working so hard so that I can stay home with her and I am so grateful for that, and for all the he does for us. Jeff has always been such a great strength to be, this year has been a hard year for me and my family, and he is always there with a shoulder for me to cry on or vent to. he is so supportive and leaves little notes to help me through a tough time. I love him so much. I love seeing him with our little girl, and the way she lights up his eyes. We are so grateful to have him in our lives, We love you and Hope you have a Great Birthday!

P.s. two post in less than a week. yes i am awesome.